Business Continuity Services

Continuity and recovery is provided through a combination of various high-availability clustering, replication, virtualization and backup/restore methodologies. Inbox can tailor your requirements to provide minimum downtime based on Service Level Agreements. The advanced planning can help an organization minimize the amount of loss while simultaneously utilizing the best option for fast recovery after a disaster. Inbox provides complete methodologies for:

  • Data and System Availability
  • Data Backup and Restore methodologies in DAS, NAS, SAN setups
  • Data Replication and Protection Management
Business Productivity Application Services

Empasoft can articulately deploy a complete suite of Microsoft Business productivity applications as per customer requirements to provide maximum productive efficiency from anywhere. This suite is a set of Enterprise applications that includes:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Migration Services
  • Microsoft Unified Messaging
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Microsoft Office

Communication/Lync 2010 server Customers can choose any or all of the products from the suite, which will provide Enterprise-ready collaboration, content management and messaging along with advisory, migration and maintenance services. Access of these applications from a unified control provides an ultimate productivity experience across Personal desktop, phone and web browser.

Desktop Virtualization

Allows organizations to centrally manage desktops in data-centers while providing the same ultimate desktop experience for end users. Microsoft VDI and VMware View are leading solutions in this area

Identity & Access Management Services

As the organization grows, it is likely to build up multiple systems and standards for storing and managing digital identities. These systems can include Active Directory services, directory tools for central administration of desktop/server configuration and security,

Information protective infrastructure, role based administration, centrally managed user provisioning across heterogeneous systems, federated identity management across organizational and platform boundaries, databases, financial systems, and custom applications, as well as websites for employees and customers. Inbox covers a broad spectrum of services in the following domains:

  • Directory Services
  • Strong Authentication
  • Information Protection and Rights Management
  • Federation Identity Services
  • Forefront Identity Management using FIM 2010
IT Outsourcing Service

IT plays a major part in the efficient running of your organization. But you may not have the staff, budget or infrastructure to support it.

Empasoft, the leading provider of outsourced IT services. We localize latest IT solutions in organizations environment and provide customers with an exclusive advise.

IT outsourcing save organization`s budget, working hour and human resource

Security Services

Every organization demands a reliable, available and highly secure IT environment. There should be no compromise in securing infrastructure network and services from external threats. Inbox Technologies provides its customers with cost effective security solutions while achieving complete high availability and reliability for end-to-end design.

Security levels via Antivirus Software, Centralized Firewall, Policy-Managed Firewall, Secure Wireless Networking, Threat Management and Mitigation across clients server edge are some of the advantages of solutions provided by Inbox.

Server Virtualization Services

Virtualization is changing the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up the IT response. With fewer machines to maintain, the IT team can focus on innovation instead of maintenance.

The solutions can include virtualization at all levels from complete data-centers to end users.

Server virtualization

Allows multiple workloads to be consolidated and virtualized onto a small number of servers and makes maximum use of under-utilized machines. Such a strategy can help significantly reduce power and cooling requirements to create a green data center. Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V provides enhanced features to create a complete dynamic data-center. VMware vSphere 4.x is another robust solution providing complete virtualization and cloud-based solutions.

System Center

System Center Solutions for IT Management

System Center solutions help IT pros manage the physical and virtual information technology (IT) environments across datacenters, client computers, and devices. Using these integrated and automated management solutions, organizations can be more productive service providers to their businesses.


  • Workflow automation.
  • Integration of third-party management tools.
  • Simple design of custom workflow runbooks.
  • Service Provider Foundation (SPF).
  • Aggregation of multiple infrastructure stamps.


  • Service catalog.
  • Self-service request portal.
  • Data warehousing and reporting.
  • SharePoint 2013 support for service request portal.
  • Use it as a standard IT service desk job tracking system; Service Manager lets you track job resolution against differing service level agreements (SLAs) to determine if your service desk is meeting its targets


  • Centralized management of servers with Data Protection Manager.
  • Role-based administration.
  • Item-level recovery for virtual machines.
  • Best of breed protection and recovery for Microsoft workloads (Exchange, SharePoint, SQL).


  • Create & Manage VMs across multiple hypervisors (HyperV, Xen,
  • VmWare)
  • Perform live physical-to-virtual migrations
  • Perform live VM migration from one hypervisor to another
  • Rapidly provision VMs based on templates
  • Manage virtual network and storage pools
  • Storage management, including VM connectivity into fiber channel.
  • SANs and Storage Spaces support.


  • Deploy and manage endpoint protection, including anti-malware and firewall configuration, through System Center Endpoint Protection 2012
  • Improve mobile device management, including management of devices running iOS and Android
  • Scan targets, including email and attachments, removable USB drives, network drives, and archived files
  • Real-time protection, including downloaded files, protection against network exploits, behavior monitoring, and script scanning
  • Excluded files, folders, file types, and processes


  • Role-based access for the application owner.
  • Single view of delegated resources across private and public clouds.
  • Deploy and manage services in addition to VMs.
  • VM portability between Windows Server and Windows Azure.


  • Monitor service, application, server, and network device availability
  • Monitor server performance, raising alerts when performance counters exceed or fall below specific thresholds
  • Monitor heterogeneous environments with computers running Windows, UNIX, and Linux Oss


  • Deploy customized server and client Oss
  • Deploy Microsoft and third-party applications to Configuration Manager clients
  • Deploy software updates for Microsoft OSs and applications, as well as deploy updates to third-party applications
  • Generate an inventory of all hardware devices installed on Configuration Manager clients
  • Generate an inventory of the software configuration of Configuration Manager clients
System Management Services

Microsoft System Center Suite incorporates robust options for managing both physical and virtual systems, helping administrators to seamlessly manage the layers of their environments, increase overall operational efficiency and free time to focus on other initiatives.

System center solutions close life gap between development, operations and IT – evaluating dependencies and optimizing business process performance from inside the operating system, application and composite services.